Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Tail of The Dragon~ 47 Ferraris


artandsoul said...

I've driven the Tail of the Dragon a number of times - last August was the last time.

It is absolutely gorgeous! Nowadays though, I do recommend a car with a top and the windows up because there are hundreds (a thousand?) of motorcycles so it is pretty noisy!!

But the bikers are very cool and very friendly. It is a neat community to which you can immediately belong just by being there!

Schmutzie said...

I wish the cameraman on the motorcycle would have left the audio on. That must have been some sonic event, speaking of noisy.....47 Ferraris.....gawd.

I love driving (and hate flying). I would love to drive this stretch of road.

artandsoul said...

I'm not much of a fan of flying either - but driving I can do for thousands of miles!

This stretch is awesome! There is a great B&B that is just amazing and wonderful: http://www.snowbirdlodge.com/ Well worth the trip and staying there and it is right off the Tail.