Sunday, March 08, 2009


Frank Lloyd Wright~ 1867-1959


Catnapping said...

I've never been a fan of his architecture...the homes...i know theoretically they supposedly fit with nature...but to me there is nothing natural about all those parallel lines...jutting here and imposing there. Give me Georgian or Victorian lines, or just some simple clapboarding with turned posts any day.

BUT. Having said that...I LOVE his stained glass treatments. He had a great sense of colour and movement.

artandsoul said...

These are beautiful. I happen to love it all ... very modern, very parallel, Victorian gingerbread. Really, I think each variation adds a dimension to the other.

Falling Waters .... I took a tour there last year. It was beautiful. But I must say I loved the woods more than the house, I definitely couldn't live there.

I have stained glass in my house very reminiscent of, or inspired by, FLW.

You post some great stuff!

Schmutzie said...

Thanks Cindy.

I like having you folks stop by.

This thing is therapy for me sometimes.