Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burris Goes Blago

Now that Fitz's office has released the audio from a wire-tapped Nov 13, 2008 conversation between (now) Illinois Sen. Roland Burris and Robert Blagojevich, brother of impeached/removed/indicted/ former Gov Rod, it's become quite clear that Burris was indeed offering to pay in exchange for some play. At one point The Headless One mentioned the possibility of raising some funds for Blago via his law partner Tim Wright. "I might be able to do it that way."....or some such shit. You can read/hear the tapes anywhere now, I won't bother quoting the crook nor linking.

Roland's story has gone from "I didn't talk to nobody 'bout nothin' remotely related to buying Obama's US Senate seat." back in February to "The impeachment panel didn't ask me the right questions." here in late May.

On tape, Burris discussed raising money for Blago, getting it done before the end of December, perhaps funneling the money through his law partner to avoid the appearance of impropriety, and repeatedly emphasized that he was very, very, very interested in obtaining the appointment to Obama's vacated seat (and therefore insulting furniture everywhere.)

No involvement? What are we fuckin' stupid? Apparently, yes.

When asked about the apparent discrepancy between versions of his involvement with Blago, Burris urged reporters to "read the affidavit, have you read the affidavit?....please just read the affidavit."

I have.

If one reads the affidavit, one is immediately struck with the impression that Burris and then Gov Rod Blagojevich were discussing pay-to-play by proxy (Rob Blago.)

When pressed harder on the obvious line of bullshit, Roland has now claimed he was "placating" Blago, with no real intention of actually piping some geld to Springfield. Shucks, back in late '08, everybody was calling the offices of Friends of Blagojevich expressing interest in Obama's empty seat.

Problem is, FOB called Roland Burris, not the other way around. That is very curious indeed.

And now, Roland Burris is underscoring his innocence!!!... has clearly proven that he was telling the truth, by claiming that he was lying to placating Rob Blago, reminding everbody that he never actually GAVE Rod Blago a penny.

I'd be slightly tempted to believe Roland but for the time line. Rod got the big cufflinks on 12/11/08 which is well before the end of December. Dozens of Blago fund raisers were cancelled within hours of him being Fitzed, which makes it entirely reasonable to believe that Burris planned on getting Blago some cash during that holiday fund raising period, and like many others backed away.

The tapes prove that. He knew he had to get Blago the cash by the end of '08, he knew that he had to keep it on the QT, and he not only badly wanted, but ultimately accepted Obama's seat. Now he's busted, and he's claiming to be completely free of any guilt.

He's gone Blago, and his sincerity is fucking Blago-like. He can't believe that we even doubt his story. He's gone from claiming no involvement at all, to now pleading his case by claiming he was telling the truth when he said he was lying. This is the former Attorney General for the State of Illinois. Now a US Senator. Emphasis on the word now. This guy's toast.

Franken in, Roland out?


LentenStuffe said...

Nothing to add to this -- I'm finding I've less and less interest in US politics.

Your photo of the waterfront reminds me that Chicago's the greatest city in the world. I've jogged a good bit of that pathway in my day.

Schmutzie said...

It's such a terrific place to jog, roller skate, walk or ride a bike. That Burnham really knew his stuff. Used to live at 211 E Ohio, which is actually visible in the pic just to the right of the Aon Building. 4 block walk to your jogging path. Spent loads of time there.

MichaelRyerson said...

Schmutz, thought you might like this, if you haven't seen it already.

Schmutzie said...


I had not seen it, and now I will.

Thank you.


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