Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I hate Illinois Nazis

The fine folks out in Thomson don't seem to be too concerned that the domestic jihadists will start terrorizing the soy and melon fields of western Illinois as soon as the first Gitmo detainees are transferred to our super-max prison there.

I'm not sure if they're paying attention to Rep Mark Kirk (R-IL) at all, or perhaps they, like me, think he's just a frightened little neocon dupe. Personally, I think Kirk's been reading too much Paul Berman but there is something I see as truly pathetic about the Republican party at the moment. The same folks who hatched the idea of preemptive war are now shaking in their Johnston & Murphys at the mere notion that some of the detainees we've been torturing in Cuba are now going to be incarcerated on US soil.

And Kirk isn't alone either. His fellow Illinois Republicans are all singing something close to the same panicky tune about Illinois becoming "ground zero" for terrorist attacks in the US. To hear these pussies talk you'd think that we fought "them" over there for no reason at all now, rather than their old standard that we don't have to fight "them" here refrain.

Their logic absolutely escapes me. It was all fine and well to invade two of "their" countries, and to round up people our intel told us were "of interest." It was okay with these assholes that we hauled some of "them" to a dungeon in Cuba, or a concrete bunker in Torturestan without allowing the accused so much as a trial or the right to state their cases. These gutless turds nodded like horizontally challenged bobble-heads when asked if they felt waterboarding was an acceptable practice, and they came up with lovely euphemisms like "enhanced interrogation techniques" to hide the disgraceful fact that the US government approved of torturing human beings. Sure, all of that was okay with the Illinois Republicans.

But now these NIMBY-ass motherfuckers want me to believe that our security in Illinois is suddenly at risk because the victims of our enhanced interrogation techniques will be in the Thomson super-max prison instead of a chain-link dog kennel in Cuba?

I've got news for the Mark Kirks of the world. From the moment we bombed and then invaded "their" countries we heightened the risk of terrorist attacks on the US. And the decision to rendition our POWs to torture chambers only made the situation more dire. It doesn't matter where we keep our POWs now. That ship left the dock years ago, back when the US still felt justified in claiming any kind of moral high ground.

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artandsoul said...

Well said. I hope you send that in to the Trib's Editorial page. Get that out into the wide world.