Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weeping guitar

My god Dhani Harrison looks more like his father with each passing year.

Here's Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison, Steve Winwood and Prince hitting a George Harrison classic.

And who the hell taught Prince to play a guitar like that?


Anonymous said...

Wow, Schmutz -

I caught this on PBS this past weekend myself. Thought the same thing about George's son. Last I saw of him was the tribute concert for George. What a jam here. Have you ever seen Prince in concert? Saw him a few years back with some friends. I was not what you'd call a Prince fan. He was amazing - fantastic showman and a great musician.
Stay warm in the Chi-town.
- - Robert

Schmutzie said...

I saw that same tribute concert Robert. Very much enjoyed Dhani talking about his father traveling with 2 ukuleles wherever he went (in case someone else wanted to play along.) And no, I've never seen Prince live, and I like yourself was never a big fan, but dear God man look at that cat play. A wonderful version of a great tune. Anyone who doesn't believe in genetics need only look at an old mid-60s pic of George, and then look at Dhani. That is just eerie.

Chicago is bracing for a few inches of snow, howling wind, and temps in the 20s. In other words, typical crappy Chicago winter weather.

Anonymous said...

I know that story, well, Schmutzie, having grown up in Chicago. You never here me complaining about our drizzly 40's here now in Northern Cal.

- - Robert

Keifus said...

HBO has been airing a special for the 25th anniversary rock and roll hall of fame this week, been watching it with my wife. I think this hall business is pretty insular, mind you, and makes for some odd snubs (much like that star system of old), but the format of the show was pretty great, with all the dinosaurs of various species on stage and cross-pollinating (to mix a metaphor). Even though, for example, Paul Simon and Mick Jagger are both pushing 70 (!), that spark of life is just the same as when they were first singing to teenagers. Buncha geezers singing how great it is to be alive turns out to be a powerful thing.

One thing I always found humorous is how short a hit musical generation is. People don't rebel against Dad's music, so much as their older brother's music. The popular styles seem to grow up so fast, and yet not change much at all.


Schmutzie said...

Did you happen to catch the Roy Orbison tribute on PBS? It was taped just before Roy died.

Amazing group of musicians on this one.

Something really great about watching guys like Springsteen and Waits content to be part of the rhythm section just so they can be on stage with one of their heroes.

Keifus said...

Good clip, thanks--had otherwise missed it.

I think the enduring question here is why "We are the world" sucked so damn much. Probably something about sincerity, or maybe just writing.

Bite oftheweek said...

Strange. I was just watching some old George videos on Youtube. Particulary "Give me Love"
He has always been my favorite Beetle.

Thanks for this, I had missed it.

Schmutzie said...

I was just listening to this again while you were typing your comment!

George was always my favorite. Such a gentle guy, with amazing talent. I was so bummed out when I heard he was terminal, but unsurprised that he was so graceful on his way out.

Dark Horse was always my fave George tune, and damned if there's only one grainy YouTube video of it, and incomplete at that.

Here's that video

And here's the clean version

Bite oftheweek said...

er, BeAtle


Anonymous said...

Thanks again.

Yes, he was a gentle, gracious person.

I love that he was your favorite, also.