Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I was wrong

I thought for sure Rahm Emanuel was going to strong arm some kind of health care "reform" through Congress long before now.

Positive I was, that the less we saw of Rahm, the more progress he was making in getting something, anything, done on this key Obama platform issue. By Christmas I thought. By Christmas at the latest.

I was certain that whatever legislation got passed, it would be something that nobody would be entirely happy with. I figured that by the time it came out of conference it would have been unrecognizable as "reform" anyway.

And it would have been.

Assuming Brown wins tonight, and I am assuming that, we're looking at a Republican filibuster to block any Dem sponsored health care legislation. Never mind reconciliation, I'm not so sure the Dems can muster 50 votes now.

This is a big defeat for Barack Obama.

Health care reform, for the time being, is dead.

And I'm not so sure that's a bad thing in either case.

There are bigger problems facing the country.

I think it's time that President Obama took control of his own administration. It was a big mistake to turn power over to morons like Pelosi and Reid, and I'm pretty sure that's what Rahm is telling Barack right now.


Keifus said...

Well, they hacked the damn thing down to a mandate (a brilliant move to their working and/or underemployed constituents; good thing those people don't vote Democrat ever) and a couple of consumer protections. I guess the former doesn't hurt me, and the latter only helps, but in the scheme of things, what the fuck. They took everthing that people want off the table before they even started negotiating.

He may have a tough time at control, or he may feel he lacks alternative people to whom he can delegate tasks. But I also tend to agree with teh sorts of criticisms that say it's not necessarily wise to assume what Obama (and many of his fellows) really wanted.

Keifus said...

Oh, and your post title, as long as we're on the music thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXAU4MmMIMo

Schmutzie said...

A shadow of its original self after they finished chopping the shit out of it. Does Nelson still get his billion bucks?

When I was younger...I used to be able to hear....songs like that....without needing to crank down the volume. I was wrong. I was wrong.

Keifus said...

Hell, he probably gets twenty grand in campaign donations and later short-listed to join some health care industry lobbying group in the event that his constitutients wield their minimum of state power and vote him out.

Sandy said...

I really hate to respond here to the cryptic message you left me but...what's up? Can you tell me?

Schmutzie said...

Oh no problem, and thanks for stopping by. Sorry to be cryptic. Jack Dallas is about to have his world rocked, the real one. He just mentioned your name in a Fray post to me, and I wanted to alert you.

He's a scumbag, and if he pushes me one more time I'm going to post links to his Shameful Conduct posts about fucking tempo to some people who don't know that Fray Jack exists.

Sandy said...

You have a nice blog, I'm glad to know where it is.

It's alright, Schmutzie when it comes to those two I expect anything. I'll see if I can find the post you're talking about.

JD is the scummiest lowlife imaginable. I truly appreciate you and Ink defending me...more than you know.

I love your Flaming Posse post...it's brilliant!

Schmutzie said...

Thanks Sandy. As far as I'm concerned, they can both fade away into the Fray sunset and go back to their "home board" and they'll have no problem with me. Posting personal info like he did is over the line. WAY over the line. As long as he stays away from me, my family, my former family,..and takes his trained chimp with him, (because she's as guilty as he in this episode, maybe moreso) I have no interest in reciprocating. I just wanted him to know that if he persists, I will do what I have to do.

Sandy said...

I had no idea they went after your family. Now you know how I feel.

Whatever you do to either one of them you have my blessing [as long as it's something terrible].

They both should have been hard banned years ago. It's apparent JTM has no intention of banning them so they get away with whatever they do.