Thursday, May 27, 2010

Richard M. Daley: Gun Nut

Richard M Daley is an idiot.

That is not shocking news, I know.

But he is an idiot, so I figured I should start out by making my feelings about Chicago's mayor perfectly clear.

It's always something with this idiot. If he's not bulldozing Meigs Field in the middle of the night, he's trying to sell Midway Airport. If he's not selling parking meter contracts to usurious investors from Abu Dhabi, he's leasing out the Chicago Skyway for 99 years, and taking about a 50% early withdrawal penalty in the process. The city's gone broke on roller skates, and he's over in Scandanavia trying to woo the IOC for some damned track meet (How'd those 2004 Olympic games work out for ya Athens?)

He drags the cops and fire personnel through these agonizing contract disputes, the public school system is a complete mess, and commercial real estate vacancies in the city are just a shade under holy crap where did everybody go?

Dude can't budget enough money to allow our side streets to get plowed or potholes to be filled, but he has a vision for the lakefront that takes Burnham's plan and tweaks it a little. City needs to save a little cash? No problem, we'll close City Hall for a couple of extra days a year. A walking moron I tell ya.

There's been quite a bit of chatter lately about Rahm Emanuel running for Mayor of Chicago. There were the expected polite back-and-forths between Richie's camp and Rahm's. Emanuel paid the usual "I'm interested in the job, but only after my good friend Richard Daley retires." lip service when asked about the rumors. Rahm's over in Israel for his son's Bar Mitzvah, but I'm sure the subject will flare back up when he returns.

I'm not sure if Rahm will be a good mayor or not, but he can't be a bigger goof than Richie Daley.

Guy named Anthony Nelson made the mistake of trying to break into the home of an 80 year old US Army veteran down in Humboldt Park late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. The Korean War vet was sleeping with his 83 year old wife, while their 12 year old great-grandson was snoozing in another room.

According to early police reports, the elderly gentleman claims that Nelson shot at him twice before he pulled out his own handgun and blew Nelson out of his shoes and into the morgue. The guy's wife said that he "saved our lives" by killing Nelson.

Nelson, the dead guy, had a 13 page rap sheet dating back to 1998 and which included things like weapons charges, and drug charges, and various other charges one would expect from a guy who used to be known around the neighborhood as "Big Ant."

Police aren't releasing the name of the old dude, as department policy prohibits releasing the names of victims of crimes.

But, that didn't stop Richie Daley from chiming in on the matter. See, handgun possession is illegal in Chicago, as of this moment anyway. There are those who think that Chicago's ordinance isn't worth the paper it's written on, but that's not the point of all this.

Recently, someone asked Rich what the city will do if the gun ban is overturned, as expected, by the Supreme Court, and by the time the knucklehead was finished blubbering and blabbering, he'd asked a reporter what he think of having an assault rifle shoved up his ass.

I'm not kidding.

And here's the video.

Anyway, Richie was holding a press conference about a summer curfew in Chicago, when someone asked him if the old dude was going to be charged with a crime for shooting Nelson.

"I don't know. Thank you very much." said Rich, and he walked away from the microphone...end of press conference.

I don't know?

He's an imbecile.

Rahm Emanuel's voting record on gun issues scores him an F with the NRA, but I'll bet you $52 that Emanuel wouldn't even entertain the notion of bringing the old dodger up on charges, and I'll bet you another $63 that if someone asked him about it he'd have a better answer than "I don't know."

How Richard Daley has survived as our mayor for this long is an absolute mystery. His administration has been rife with corruption, Fitzgerald's office has dug up more dirt than they know what to do with on most of Richie's cronies, the city's budget is a disaster that's getting worse, and yet he keeps getting elected. Obviously, if his name wasn't Richard Daley he'd have had zero chance of getting elected in the first place, and he has proven to be a less-than-adequate copy of the old man. Richard M is no Richard J by a long shot, and I mean a real long shot.

You think The Boss would have even considered charging an 80 year old war veteran for protecting his family?

Not a chance in hell.

"I don't know. Thank you very much."

I've had it with this guy.

Time for Richard M. Daley to step aside.

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