Wednesday, January 12, 2011

While driving into Cameron

Hey, genuine Navajo.

Yeah, I see you there, all hunched over your little card table.

The sign back up the road told me you'd be here.

Ample parking I see. Beautiful view. I really love the high desert. Do you live out here?

Where are all the cars? Where's your car? How'd you get all the way out here?

The multi-colored streamers on the roof-edge of the tent are a nice festive touch dude, too bad there's no wind today. They dangle all limp and lifeless when there's no wind. Not sure if you noticed, but you're missing a few streamers too.

I wonder what you aren't selling.

I wonder why your boss makes you sit on that rickety old wooden folding chair. All day with that shit? Even in the summer? For how many years now?

What does he do, ...drop you off in the morning, and pick you up at night?


I wonder how many trinkets you have for sale, hand made, by a genuine Navajo.

What's a good year in the Navajo trinket business?

I wonder if you hate me as I fly by.

I would.


Penal-Colony said...

Did you see ghosts out there? Did you drive into a vortex? Lonely landscape ... except for the revanants.

Michael said...

Dude, it was miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. And then one guy at a trinket stand. And then some more miles. He's still there right now. Absolutely certain.

Michael said...

And yes, the place is crawling with ghosts. Not happy ones either.

rundeep said...

Isn't the Navajo nation somethin'? We took a tour of Canyon de Chelly some years ago with a Navajo guide. It was stunning, overwhelming, awesome, scary, thrilling -- all at once. The hieroglyphs, the "apartment buildings" of lost tribes built in the Valley, shit. And the modern Navajo, weeping still for that loss, but not weeping as much as the Hopi, who believe that the Navajo took much from them.

Michael said...

CdC is (from photos only) awesome. Had I gone north at Cameron,....Nah, I had to get back to Flagstaff. I'm envious. That's up next as well as Moab and Arches.

I'm only now learning about the Navajo and the Hopi RD.
Too late, but better late than not at all.

This is kinda cool. Hey, nice axe brother.