Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuck me for liking Glee!

I wanted to hate this show. I so wanted to hate this show. Young, good-looking, talented people singing songs and dancing? Oh fuck yeah, I hate that kinda shit all day, every day.

That's like disco. That's when we all split up. The social schism that rocked America in 1976. Disco. Some us listened to Keith Moon play drums while smoking dope, and some of us wore satin pants with no pockets and drank spritzers. Those disco assholes are the ones who made me lose track of popular music, and I've never caught up.

I can't dance.

Okay? There I said it. When I dance, I look bad. Real bad. And I've always resented people who could dance. Envied actually, if I'm being honest. Hang a Fender Strat on me and I can appear to understand the concept of body movement in rhythm to music. I can do the guitar guy dance just fine, but take that accessory away and I'm lost. Panicky.

So I'm thinking, I'm not about to enjoy watching these young people show incredible dancing skill, while acting no less, oh and singing too. Singing, dancing and acting all at the same time. And being nice looking while they're at it.

And I stumbled across Glee the night they did the football team Thriller half-time bit. A few weeks ago. Super Bowl night? Okay, not bad. Pretty good actually. Funny dialog. Kinda edgy. Some pretty good tunes they're picking too.

And Cheerios? Excuse me, but calling the cheerleading squad The Cheerios is brilliant and I can't believe nobody thought of that before, and least not that I know of.

I think one of the teachers is transgendered, but I can't be sure. And I don't ever want to be the guy who asks..."Hey, did you used to be a guy?"

The stories are pretty good, and they seem to be dealing with issues that I imagine are the issues facing young people today without being too kick-me-in-the-balls with it. Gay students? Yeah sure, what the hell. I can see how that might be interesting since no TV shows have really had the balls to just make that part of the show, or perhaps the free reign.

See? The transgendered teacher is singing One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer in a country and western bar right now, and I'm really okay with that too.

And in an odd deja vu kind of thing, tonight they're playing the exact same Carole King tunes that I had on in the car while out and about today. Really, Been to Canaan, I Feel the Earth Move, Been So Long. If you look at the vid I posted directly below this, you can hear the Carole King in the background in the car...how weird is that? Glee likes Carole too. Nice.

What are the odds?

Anyway, I could live without Glee if that's all they've got to show me.

However, I find it practically impossible to pull off the curmudgeonly stuck-in-the-70s thing when Jane Lynch is pushing guys down flights of stairs. Funny, funny stuff. Sue Sylvester is cool, no matter what that bitch Diane Sawyer thinks.


Penal-Colony said...

Jaysus, Michael, that's a sure indication the world's about to croak, you liking that shit, not that I have any idea what 'that shit' is.

Michael said...

I know, I'm ashamed.

Keifus said...

The solution here is to like it ironically, you old hipster you.

MichaelRyerson said...

yeah, well these are the same girls who now say 'thank you, sir' when I hold a door open for them! fuck em.

Michael said...

The transgendered teacher is a sight to see. They obviously picked someone who's totally glad to finally be living as a woman while still not resembling one. Very good.

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