Tuesday, August 07, 2012


They were there again. The Lyndon LaRouche fans with the card table and the pamphlets. It's nice that they set up right next to the bank of drive-thru mailboxes at the Park Ridge post office. You can chat with them from the comfort of your car.

These are the types who put a face to Ron's post about serious dialog/discussion/debate and the lack thereof in American society. They will stand there and recite shit that has been implanted in their vacuous skulls, and if you try to engage them in any sort of common-sense debate, they glaze over. It's like talking to a fucking Zombie. They'll look at you, and you'd swear to God they're hearing the words you're saying, but the second you finish explaining to them the obvious flaw in their logic, the giant fucking hand pulls their strings, and the playback of the prerecorded message begins again.

I tried talking to these people a couple of years ago. I made a serious effort to listen and understand the message they were preaching at the bank of drive-thru mailboxes at the Park Ridge post office. I parked the car and walked over with my camera. That put them on their toes, but since it was just me and them (Notice there are never any overcrowding issues at LaRouche meetings held in an actual venue?) they had to talk to me. Sigh. I tried, but I ran out of patience after just a couple of minutes. The point they were making at the time was that if the Affordable Care Act was allowed to pass, Barack Obama would embark on a secret program of killing old people just like Hitler had done back in Nazi Germany. Program X37 or some goddamned thing I can't recall and refuse to look up.

All I could think to say last time was that they were completely misguided, misinformed, and were wasting their time in a town like Park Ridge. (Hometown girl Hillary Clinton might, just might, have carried the popular vote, but doubtful.)

They had neat little stacks of literature all glossy and tri-folded, explaining exactly why Barack Obama was secretly planning to kill old people, but in order to obtain the real good stuff, they asked for a donation. (FOUL!!!!) Sorry. No can do.

They had the same stuff out there today, although I think the literature has been updated. I didn't stop to look. And, they had the same little poster of Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache hanging from the edge of the card table along with one that had him made up to look like The Heath Ledger Joker with the creepy makeup, wicked grin,...you know the pic. Under both pictures were the stenciled all-caps letters reading "IMPEACH OBAMA!"

 As I dropped my mail in the box, I leaned out the window and looked back at them. Catching the second one's eye, he almost looked like he wanted to tell me about Barack Obama's similarities to Adolf Hitler, I casually asked him if Adolf Hitler would have allowed his detractors to set up a card table at a post office, fly posters of Hitler done up in Jolson-like blackface, and proudly call for his removal from office in 1939 Berlin.

"Probably not" said the mentally challenged LaRouchebag.

"Ya think?"

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