Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doors Around Town

The Heurtley House in Oak Park~ Frank Lloyd Wright

The Great Hall~ Columbian Exposition-1893

Another one of Frank's

Park Chapel~ North Side

River Forest

Frank Lloyd Wright- Oak Park


Andersonville- Near North Side

The Chicago Historical Society

Park Ridge

Park Ridge

Bond Hall- University of Chicago

State Street in The Loop

Gold Coast
(one of my all-time faves)

Bucktown Duplex

Another one of Frank's- Oak Park


switters said...

Good eye.

I kept meaning to tell you: A buddy of mine in New York is going to Giants Stadium tonight to see U2. He's going with some friends of Bono's, so there's a good chance he's going to get to meet the inglorious micks.

I've always had a respect for Edge's playing. Unique, big sound, nice use of the percussive element of the guitar.

Schmutzie said...

When they did the Elevation Tour in 2001, the stage was such that Bono could wander way out into the crowd, while Larry, Adam & Edge stayed on the main stage. At one point, the entire crowd in front of the stage was facing backwards watching Bono work the crowd, all but me that is. Dude standing next to me starts passing his hand back and forth in front of my face as if to say "Dude, the show's back there." I just smiled and motioned towards Edge who was playing about 10 feet away from me as if to say, "No dude, the show's right here." They're a fine band, and Bono gets too much credit I think.

If your bud gets to meet the band, he'll go right through Rocko to do it. Always a fun experience. He'll have a good time, man it's a big show.

artandsoul said...

The Bucktown Duplex doors look like a set of twins from the 1950's .... you know all those pictures? Dressed exactly alike. No one can tell them apart.

It's amazing how much personality is in a door.

Schmutzie said...

I love doors. They speak.

Almost hate to replace some of them, but it's my job.

There's a poster called The Doors of Dublin, which hangs in my office. No place on earth has cooler doors than Dublin.

I'm going to take a photo trip around my home town, and compile one called The Doors of Park Ridge. Some fantastic doors in Park Ridge. I'll bet I can sell that poster.

Keifus said...

I like the FLW red door the best of the bunch--it's so eminently functional (with its mail slot, and sitting right there under the low eve), but the details are also well-thought and intentional. (I guess it's consistent with Wright's vision, but I know less about architecture than anything.) I saw it, and thought that here's the famous architect finally getting around to desiging the back entrance to the garage--no portal is beneath notice.

Schmutzie said...

The way the steps taper, the symmetry, it almost seems to invite you in. Not sure if the leaded glass window on just one side was part of the original design, nor the offset in the siding, but it sure does blend together nice. Frank was the real deal.

I mislabeled the first one as the Heurtley House. It's actually the Frank Thomas House (no relation to the Big Hurt I'm sure.)

Took a walking tour of Oak Park with the wife about a thousand years ago, and stood in front of the Heurtley place for about 20 minutes. That's when I decided it's the coolest house on earth.