Monday, September 28, 2009

Going downhill fast

The day started off great. The day after a Bears win always starts off great.

First, my dear friend Queen Noor of Jordan sent me an e-mail. I don't usually post private e-mails, but Lisa specifically asked me to share this with all of my friends.

Queen Noor is very very excited, okay?,,.and she has great news. She just attended a UN Security Council special session on nuclear proliferation and disarmament, chaired by President Obama. Seems they unanimously passed a resolution to rid the world of nukes. Here, I'll let Lisa tell you, it's only a 53 second video and, as usual, is well worth watching.

So that was very nice, but then I learned that not only does Barack have time to discuss nukes with Lisa, he also has time to climb aboard Air Force One on Thursday night and fly to Denmark. This is big news in Copenhagen, and the Danes are beside themselves with anticipation.The purpose of the trip, in the middle of the most serious financial crisis in most Americans' lifetimes, and with the health care debate raging white-hot, is to pitch the city of Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

First Lady Michelle Obama will be traveling there tomorrow to warm up the crowd, and Bouncy McOverdraft plans to pop in late Thursday, check out the Tivoli Gardens and help with a Viking ship excavation, and then attend the final meeting prior to the selection announcement on Friday. Back on the plane, and shoot on home.

It should be noted that Denmark has consistently finished first in surveys ranking the happiest places in the world, it has the world's highest level of income equity, and along with New Zealand is rated the most peaceful country on the planet. Also, along with Sweden and New Zealand, Denmark possesses the least corrupt politicians on earth.

Happy, peaceful, financially robust and non-corrupt Denmark. That's where Barack Obama is going to tout unhappy, violent, bankrupt and ultra-corrupt Chicago, as a good choice for a world gathering.

Good idea. Hey, it can't cost that much to bounce across the pond and back on AF1 can it? It's a short hop. Garment bag only. He can bring the little shampoo bottle and the mini toothpast tube.

The four finalists are Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Madrid, and Chicago. Rumor has it that it's going to come down to Rio and us.

In the words of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley "They just had games in Beijing which is close to Tokyo, London has already gotten 2012 and Madrid is right there, and Rio has the soccer thing which is even bigger than the Olympics." (translation: "Japanese look pretty much like Chinese, Spaniards live pretty close to the Brits, and let's face facts, they only care about soccer in Brazil so they should be happy with that soccer thing." [The 2014 World Cup]}

Rio de Janeiro deserves to win the competition. There's never been a South American olympic games, and that time has come. Besides, it's Rio. Rio has great beaches, and tons of Brazillian chicks wearing those little dental floss bikinis. I'm rooting for Rio.

But Obama is going to Copenhagen to pitch for Chicago. Oprah is already there. Jordan isn't going, but he already voiced support for the games coming here. Oh gawd, I think we might win the fucking 2016 Summer Olympics.

I'm moving.


artandsoul said...

I hear you. Really. It's godawful to think that the Olympics would come to Chicago.

Unfortunately I think Obama's option for NOT going to Denmark in full support of Chicago is nonexistent. He's from Chicago, he's got to go the distance on the cheerleading - look at what a fucked up country we are when Flag Pins and ridiculous bids for Olympics are the driving forces as opposed to Health Care and Climate Change.

He tried to stand up for those of us unwilling to wear a Chinese-made Flag Pin and nearly lost the election. I can't imagine what would happen if he broke open the truth and said "Chicago can't take the Olympics."

My only hope is that we will get some kind of Health Care bill out of Congress before December. It really is up to them now, and his physical presence in Washington is inconsequential.

I don't begrudge him the travel - this is a big country and he is supposed to represent us to the world. I would MUCH rather him travel abroad rather than hole up on some ranch somewhere and play golf with his drinking buddies. At least he's out there representing America like we actually have some kind of literacy.

From what I heard from my friends in Atlanta you can rent your house for an ungodly amount of money for 6-9 months and just take off and do that traveling you've always wanted to do.


switters said...

Do you think if Chicago does not get the olympics, President Obama will look bad? I kind of do, though it probably doesn't matter. I just don't know. But I do know I don't want him to look bad (weak?) right now.

I was very impressed with him standing in front of limey and frenchy giving Iran the business. Very.

Anyways, it'll all work out.

Schmutzie said...

Cindy~ He's under a lot of pressure to sound off in favor of us getting the bid. I get that. He can do that without blowing a million bucks to fly over there and pitch it to the IOC.

Then again, maybe a trip to Copenhagen will do him some good. If I think I'm under stress right now, t'ain't shit compared to what this guy goes through every second of every day. Nice break in the action... to go talk about Olympic Games might actually be a rest period.

And I'll even admit that I'm blowing him shit on my blog about this trip because I don't want the games coming here (never have, check my fray posts from last year.) If he was going to Copenhagen to support Fresno's bid, I'd be all for it.

Health care? Just keep your eye on Rahm Emanuel. The less you hear from that pit bull, the more you should know things are getting worked out. He isn't saying much right now in the media, which is saying plenty.

Schmutzie said...


No I don't fear Barack will lose stature if we don't get the Olympics. I also don't think he'll gain any if we do.

A buddy was saying last week on his radio show that part of the problem with the way Barack is promoting the games is the way he's making it more about Chicago specifically, rather than the United States in general. This city has big problems,...crime,infra,security,financial. I almost worry that my man is hurting his image a bit by promoting the home town.

Just my hunch, but his strong support feels a bit like trying to help out some of his local friends...Rahm, Schakowsky,Gov Quinn, and of course Richie the Corrupt. Politics of course, but I'd like to see him shed some of these hangers-on.

Agree about his UN address. He's plenty tough when he needs to be. Remember his address at Grant Park? "We prefer to negotiate first, but....To those of you who would fuck with us, don't. We will fuck you up worse."

I'm proud of him. I just wish he'd shut up about this Olympic business.

switters said...

You know, that's an excellent point. I think you're absolutely right. In fact, it would have looked much batter had just Michelle gone. (God I love that family.)

Pride. Join the club. But when did many Americans suddenly go collectively insane? It makes me sad.

Schmutzie said...

I think they're a fantastic first family. I couldn't be more proud. The kids are normal kids, the First Lady is elegant and intelligent, and our guy is the real deal.

How wonderful it is (don't tell anyone I said this) that Barack and Michelle can travel to Scandahoovia to pitch the Olympics, and know that those people are absolutely thrilled to have them as their guests. How wonderful it is to be proud of my president.

artandsoul said...

I had to laugh - I really love the Rio picture at the top of your blog. Great on lots of levels - talk about out of the loop!

How 'bout this: Chicago hires Mitt Romney to run the Olympics like he did in SLC and Chicago makes money?


Schmutzie said...


And please, no Romney.

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