Friday, February 05, 2010

Let's Have a Tea Party!

Running from yesterday through tomorrow, the National tea Party is having their very first Convention in Nashville, TN.

Tea Party Nation is pleased to announce the First National Tea Party Convention. The convention is aimed at bringing the Tea Party Movement leaders together from around the nation for the purpose of networking and supporting the movement's multiple organizations' principal goals. This event is co-sponsored by other national groups that believe in a responsible and limited federal government that is responsive to all the people. Our Sponsors include Tea Party Emporium, Judicial Watch, Eagle Forum, The Leadership Institute, Vision America, SurgeUSA, Smart Girl Politics and National Taxpayers Union. Participants include: The Memphis Tea Party, The Voices of, Young Americans for Freedom, The Evergreen/Conifer Tea Party, North Carolina Freedom Tea Party, Joseph Farah, Angela McGlowan, Judge Roy Moore, Tom Fitton, Bruce Donnelly, Phil Valentine, Ana Puig, Steve Milloy, Mark Skoda, Keli Carender (aka Liberty Belle), Dr. B. Leland Baker, Walter Fitzgerald,, Dr. Rick Scarborough, David DeGerolamo and Lori Christenson

Former Colorado congressman Tom "Keep Them Furriners Outta Here" Tancredo (R-Asshat) is one of the featured speakers.

That's the same Tom Tancredo who told Tea Baggin' conventioners that John McCain's defeat in November was a good thing.

"Thank God John McCain lost the election" he said. "Or we wouldn't be here!"

"Had John McCain won the election, there would be no Republican in Teddy Kennedy's Massachusetts senate seat!" shouted Tommy to the dozens of frenzied crackers in attendance.

In expressing his delight at McCain's defeat, Tancredo called Barack Obama's victory in November 2008, the "cause of a revolution."

But the most exciting news is that the Tea Party Convention's keynote speaker will be Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin? Ya mean John McCain's running mate? That Sarah Palin?

You betcha!

I know I've said for some time that the two party system sucks, so I guess this seems like a real good opportunity to be the first guy to say that the three party system sucks too.


Keifus said...

You realize they're charging a couple hundred to get in, right?

(To their credit, I believe I read that at least some of the movementarians are worried about what this could mean for their authenticity. Don't make me get a link, though.)

Schmutzie said...

$349 if you want to just attend the banquet, $549 if you want the full Monty.

Schmutzie said...

(Better hurry K, only a couple of hours left if you want in.)