Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Torn between two posts

I was going to write something about the Illinois primary today. Seems weird to vote on Feb 2.

On the Dem ballot:

For Governor:
Pat Quinn, bears the stank of Blago, no matter how much soap he uses. He was there, and did nothing.
Dan Hynes, an old name in Illinois politics (son of Tom Hynes, former Cook County Assessor and former President of the Illinois Senate.) Dan went to St. Ignatius, which is a plus in my book, but he also attended Notre Dame. Which I hold against him.

Trying to take Barack Obama's US Senate seat, currently held by roland burris, are:

Cheryle Jackson
Alexei Giannoulias- Obama's basketball buddy
David Hoffman
Robert Marshall
Jacob Meister
The early money is on Hoffman, although if I decide to pull a Dem ballot, I may go with Alexei. Can't beat hoops with the Pres when trying to get some federal funds.

Lt. Gov:
A bunch of machine parts.

Atty Gen:
Lisa Madigan running unopposed, Current AG. Daughter of major power broker Mike Madigan. I don't care for either of them, so that may cause me to pull a Republican ballot right there.

Sec of State:
Jesse White running unopposed. I like Jesse a whole bunch. Best public servant in the state. Might just counterbalance my Madigan animus and compel me to vote Dem, although he's running unopposed so what's the diff?

9th District Rep:
Jan Schakowsky runs unopposed. She's pals with Barack too. Spending stimulus money like it grows on trees. Milwaukee Av resurfacing project only took three times as long as it should have.

2 people I've never heard of.

Cook County Clerk

David Orr runs unopposed. In a letter of apology after calling all Chicago politicians corrupt, Mike Royko told Orr's mother that her son is "suspected of being notoriously honest."

Tom Dart will win this one.

Cook County Board President:
A biggie.
Toni Preckwinkle- current favorite.
Dorothy Brown- Where to start? She has collected $45,000 from staffers, $3 at a time, in exchange for allowing them to wear jeans to work. Danny Davis has been robocalling my cell phone, croaking his baritone in support of Brown. Strike against Dorothy. I hate robocalls.
Todd Stroger- Current Board Pres. About to be ex-Board Pres. Hated by all, except his cronies, of which there are many.
Terrence O'Brien- The white guy.

And then there's a bunch of judges, and commissioners, and water reclamation people, and assessors. I generally play tic-tac-toe with those if there are no Irish names.

The Republican Ballot:

Adam Anrezndjewski or something. I'm not going back to spell check
Andy McKenna- Old name in these parts. Illinois Republican Party Chairman which is like being the center on a 6 foot and under basketball team.
Jim Ryan- He has the Nicarico stank on him. Part of the DuPage team that tried to kill Rolando Cruz.
Kirk Dillard- I have to say something mean about this southern Illinois rube just to piss off NickD.

US Senator-
Mark Kirk- North Shore guy who is afraid of bringing terrorists to Thomson for fear of attracting Al Qaeda to Illinois. Spent $5mil so far trying to get this $174K a year job.
(now that's what I call a list of Republican names!)

9th Cong Dist
Joel Pollak-
Susanne Ananus-

You know, I don't even know why the Republicans slate candidates up here.

The rest of the Republican ballot is a who's who of who's that?

Okay, I just decided, I'm pulling a Dem ballot. Hynes, why not? Stroger OUT. Jesse White stays. Alexei the hoopster in. Orr in. And I'll be a Madigan undervote.

Polls are open until 8.

Early results indicate Illinois Dems are not a happy bunch, and that Illinois Republicans are happy because Illinois Dems are unhappy.

The other post I considered writing is the story of the four Wisconsin women who Krazy Glued a man's penis to his stomach, simply because the man was canoodling with all four of them, and one of whom is his wife.

They tricked the poor guy into meeting one of them at a hotel, then all four showed up, and this part still isn't clear to me, the guy's dong wound up glued to his belly.

They were all arrested. I posted about this when it happened. Shocking example of women's inhumanity to man and all that.

Well, today was sentencing. A Calumet (WI) County judge gave them each one year probation, after after imposing and then staying jail sentences of between 30 and 60 days. Three of them apologized to the judge, saying they simply meant to confront the glued-penis guy, and things "spiraled out of control." Glued-penis guy's wife refused to comment.

I have friends up in Calumet County who were at the hearing, and they tell me that the judge could be heard laughing his ass off as he walked back into his chambers. I guess he must think that just because the guy was an adulterer, and with three different women at that, he deserved to get his dick glued to his stomach. I don't like the ruling at all. I'd have given them all 13 months probation. You've got to send a message that that sort of thing won't be tolerated. Or, now that I think about it, perhaps that's the message he did send.

"We're very sorry judge. Really. We mean that."

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Anonymous said...

Nice slate...

I haven't lived in Chicago for almost 30 years, but it seems a lot of the names are the same. I consider myself a pretty politically aware person, in most part, brought on by my upbringing in Chicago and regular vists from our old precinct captains. Local politics was a big deal - in fact Kennedy's election in '60 was brought home in Chicago. Everybody pulling the "Democratic" lever - not for him - but for the local Demo crew. He got carried along.

- - Robert