Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Fever!


Anonymous said...


I know it well from my Chi-town days. Our cure used to be to have a "Spring fever" party. Hawaiian shirts, shades, BBQ and John Mayall's "Room to move" blasting out...

It'll probably be 80 there in a week.

- - Robert

Schmutzie said...

Winter and Construction.

Our 2 Seasons.

Love the Bluesbreakers Robert.

Check out "All Your Love" and tell me you don't hear Clapton's inspiration for Strange Brew.

Anonymous said...

No lie on that one - certainly Peter Green was on that connection.

- - Robert

Bite oftheweek said...

Made me laugh.

I keep putting my Ugs away only to find myself pulling them out again.

I feel your pain

Schmutzie said...

It's supposed to be almost 80 here tomorrow.

We'll have more snow by the weekend, watch.

MichaelRyerson said...

Check on Abby.

Schmutzie said...

Too young to pop a cork! What an achievement. Her next stretch is roughly what Shackleton, Crean et al covered in the "James Caird" groping their way to South Georgia Island. Some rough seas. Is she something or what?